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Caliza is a family office promoting entrepreneurship, with a track record of value creation, and with fast and efficient decision-making processes. We strive for long-term value creation rather than short-term profits.


Caliza is a Swiss single family office pursuing a globally oriented investment strategy. We are the preferred partner for established small and medium-sized enterprises as well as innovative startups in the areas of manufacturing, energy, real estate, mining and raw materials.We work and invest to ensure that future generations benefit from the continued existence of these companies and their value creation.



We do not make promises. Instead, we build trust through our actions and take responsibility for our decisions. We stick to agreements and implement decisions taken. We recognize the needs of our business partners and reconcile them with our own goals. Our actions are invariably based on transparency and integrity.


We have detailed knowledge of our market. We have tried and tested industry knowledge and are guided by our passion for entrepreneurship and quick and efficient decision-making processes. We keep a finger on the pulse of the market and minutely analyze the changes and resulting options and opportunities.

Long-term developments

Our investments are geared to the long term. We are not after quick success. Rather, we aim at ensuring that future generations will benefit from the enduring existence of the companies and values we invest in. We do not give up when difficulties arise but instead find a suitable and convincing solution which guarantees success in the long run.


We are hard yet fair negotiators and expect the same attitude from our business partners. Our cooperation with them is based on trust and integrity. We treat our business partners with respect and kindness.


Rather than looking for approval from the public, we seek to gain the trust of our business partners. In our trade, we are inconspicuous and keep a low profile. We attach great importance to mutual discretion and, where required and indispensable, uphold absolute confidentiality and non-disclosure.

For entrepreneurs

When it comes to succession planning, Caliza is the ideal partner for entrepreneurs and owners of well positioned SMEs. We focus on companies operating in the areas of manufacturing, energy, real estate, mining and raw materials with a company value of between CHF 5 and 30 million who have a professional management team.

Caliza creates value through know-how in capital allocation and a consistent focus on competitive advantages both at the strategic and operational level.

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